GC32 International Class Association

The GC32 International Class Association was founded by Laurent Lenne, Flavio Marazzi, Andrew MacPherson and Christian Peer on 14 September 2014 in Marseille. Flavio Marazzi was appointed first President of the Class. Christian Scherrer became Class Manager in October 2015.

The purpose of the GC32 International Class Association is to administer, oversee and promote regattas and the other sailing activities of the GC32 catamaran internationally.

Run under World Sailing (ISAF) guidelines, the GC32 International Class Association is mandated with maintaining the one design integrity of the GC32 catamaran via its class rules and regulations.

While the GC32 is a strict one design, at periodic times the Class Association permits reasonable and modest modernisation of the GC32, in order to ensure that its racing remains both as competitive as possible and of the highest quality, while the GC32 catamaran itself stays up to date, thereby helping to preserve its value.


Changes to the GC32 Class Rules and Regulations are introduced by the voting of the Class Association membership at its Annual General Meeting.

The Class Association polices the GC32 one design rule via its appointment of a Class Measurer.

The Class Association promotes the establishment of a professional organisational structure for the management, development, execution and promotion of GC32 regattas worldwide.

The Class Association offers a forum to GC32 owners for the exchange of information and experience, such as what they have learned about foiling catamaran racing on the GC32.

The Class Association also represents its membership when negotiating with third parties, such as federations and authorities like World Sailing.